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freecasino boatFor casino players today it doesn’t necessarily need to be about gambling. For example you can play on most casinos with only play money for an unlimited period of time which is a very good way to get to know the casinos games much better and the get the feel of how the casino lobby and structure works. There are several ways of playing for free and one of them is also to benefit from as many free spins and casino bonuses as possible and by doing this you will also have the chance of becoming a millionaire totally free of charge which is amazing. Actually some of the absolute biggest jackpot wins in the online casino history has been won with simple free casino spins!

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Free games limits

Some casino games like roulette and blackjack has a limit of how long you can play the game for free every day. This is because they of course want you to take part of the action and have fun in the casino playing with real money. However there is a lot of places where you can access the free casino bonus money games and every casino is individual in this aspect. By this means you can just switch casino and play free games on another one ones the time span of the free trial expires. Having played both with play money and real money we do like playing with real money more because of the massive thrill it gets you and by not even speaking about the potential winnings that you can get from playing with real money.

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Practice strategies

Free bonus casino games gives you the tools to practice different tactics or strategies that are available all of the internet in order to give your money a better positive outcome. Do note that casinos always win In the long run theoretically but if you are lucky you might just beat them and go against the odds. There are several famous strategies that you could try out if you want to make a better odds for you to make a positive income from casinos and we will tell you here on the site about one of them so that you can see for yourself if this did you any good.

Playing a system is mainly a good reason because you will play smart and you will not let your feelings impact on your gaming session or on your personal wallet. By playing a system you can also be very confident that you are easier to pause or stop playing after a certain amount of times following the strategy pattern and in this way it’s both more efficient and safe to play online casino

The 1-3-2-6 strategy

This strategy is one of the easiest ones to deal with since it’s a very simple pattern to follow. Still this tactic is preferred by very many casino players because of it being so easy and not taking attention form what you actually want to focus on which of course is the casino gameplay itself. The main tactic for this strategy and all strategies is to stay calm at all times and follow the system and this can be very positive for you bankroll.

The system which is called the 1-3-2-6 strategy works like this, you pick a bet that you are comfortable with and then you follow the numbers of the name to multiply that first bet with. For example: I place a bet of £ 1 and win next time I place £ 3, if I win this I will place a bet of £ 2 and if I win again I will place a bet of £ 6. If you win your first bet times 6 then you start again from the beginning. If you lose any bet during the system you start again from the beginning.

Last updated: December 8, 2022

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